Welcome to the Lamer Gamers January Newscast! This episode is part of the service we provide for the people who don’t have the time to keep up with all the Reddits and the Twitters. We are going to break down the top news from the month for each console and more along with the most convincing rumors, the most ridiculous fake gaming news, the games that released for January, and even the games to look forward to in February! We will even read some of their more entertaining comments from user reviews on Metacritic.

Now that we have a cartoonishly large load of gaming news loaded up in our podcasting cannons let’s get started by clicking below! You can also find the times and breakdown of what we cover in this episode below the player.

Playstation News at 2:54 including the next Playstation System name, Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC, The Last of Us almost had an animated movie, Godfall discussion, Dualshock 4 Back Button Adapter announcement, and we discuss Sony sitting out E3 this year! This section also includes a list of games to look forward to in February.

Nintendo Switch News at 27:28 including Byleth coming to Smash, Ultimate Fighters Pass 2 for Smash, Pokemon Direct quick byte, Nintendo’s recent legal battles, Super Nintendo World Theme Park announcement, Target accidentally sold Yoshi’s Crafted World for a dollar, Astral Chain Sales surpass expectations, Ring Fit Adventure Speed Running, and Untitled Goose Game breaks 1 million sales! We also include rumors about the Switch Pro that just won’t go away, Bioshock games may be coming to Switch, Mario & Luigi series may hit Switch/mobile, and even a hint at Red Dead Redemption 2 will head to everybody’s favorite toaster of a console if you believe in that sort of thing! This section includes a list of the top games that came out in January and games to look forward to in February for the Nintendo Switch.

Xbox News at 58:59 including more potential for Microsoft Studios to release games on the Switch, Xbox Series X accidentally shows it’s rear end, a quick discussion over the size of the Xbox Series X processor, and how the SSD inside the Xbox Series X may be used for Virtual Ram! We also give you a list of the best January releases, Game Pass announcements, and upcoming games for February hitting the Xbox.

Multiplatform & Stadia News begins at 1:22:52 including a bit of a rant on the Stadia launch, Ninja has a Fortnite skin (that we don’t really care about), Plauge Inc sales skyrocket after the Coronavirus outbreak with a PSA from our resident paramedic Rowdy5000 about washing your dang hands, and the Top Selling Games of the Decade! We also hint at some rumors about a new Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic that could be coming to your home soon from a galaxy far, far away.

And finally Delayed Game News at 1:47:40 including new release dates for Skull & Bones, Doom Eternal, Last of Us Part 2, Watchdogs Legion, Rainbow Six: Quarantine, Gods & Monsters, FFVII Remake, Avengers, Cyberpunk 2077, Dying Light 2, and Iron Man VR!

About Us:

The Lamer Gamers are a recent addition to the Parallax Media family and run The Official Podcast for the Lamers and Working-Class Gamers! The goal of our show is to give you the latest news, views, and rumors from the perspective of the working-class gamer along with the occasional sidequest. You will also find a monthly newscast in there to catch you up on any tidbits we missed along the way. The podcast is hosted by simplyTravis and Rowdy5000 who are two guys that work in industries involving education, fine arts, emergency care, and music but tend to use video games as a way to unwind from the real world.

You can listen to the Lamer Gamers Podcast every Monday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Youtube, Breaker, Stitcher, Podchaser, or www.lamergamers.com/subscribe

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