Ladies and gentlemen, we have it. We have our first PlayStation 5 launch title, Godfall. Godfall describes itself as a third person looter-slasher, think Diablo but in a third-person perspective. We don’t know too much about the game yet, but I think we can speculate on what Godfall could be with the information we have at hand. So let’s take the next few minutes to break down the trailer and see if we can figure out what Godfall is all about.

Right off the bat, I see something that warrants some discussion. The first three seconds of the trailer say a lot. The game looks stunning and at the bottom of the screen you see “Actual In Engine Footage”. Is this the power of the PS5 on display? If so we can expect some visual masterpieces in the not so distant future. But also it didn’t say “in-game footage” which could be misleading to some degree. What I mean by this is that in-game footage and in-engine footage are two different things (from my research). Generally, in-engine footage may contain assets from the game but with some enhancement for a more effective trailer. In-game footage is exactly that. Footage taken from the game that players will experience. I’m sure there is a good portion of the general public that will see this trailer and think that is what the game will look like. When in reality, it will not. The next twenty or so seconds do not tell us much. We see one of the characters running through a great hall of some sort and destruction is all around him. We then cut to our character on the ground and one of his allies picks him up as another wields her sword in preparation.

By this point, I would like to point out a few things. The armor everyone is wearing is very stylish and unique. No one shares the same look which could tell us that the armor that we will have access to in the game is important. Important in terms of playstyle, that is. Maybe one set grants you special elemental abilities or maybe another set dramatically increases your vitality. It is not certain but from my observation, the armor in Godfall seems like it could play a key role. Next, we have some dialogue from our characters. As one picks up his friend, he says “On your feet old blood”. This could mean many things, but I think that the character on the ground is older and the other two are probably younger or newer gods. The older character could be some sort of mentor to the other two and that he needed their help. Their voices also lend to this theory as the character picking up the other character has a noticeably younger sounding voice.

The next bit of dialogue is when the woman character says “A thousand-year war, just to start the apocalypse”. So we can assume there was some great conflict before what we are seeing took place. It also makes me think that we, as the player, may have the opportunity to experience this war in-game as some sort of flashback event. Which would be really cool throughout the game, to go back and play through some older lore.

The final bit of the trailer reveals that there is a hydra in the sky and it is in our characters’ way. When I saw this, I immediately thought “boss battles in this game could be huge” and I hope I am right. Also when the hydra appeared I was curious if the game will follow Greek mythology. After all, the game is called Godfall and our characters definitely look the part. So I wonder if the game will take that Greek mythology and make it into something original for us to experience. The trailer is really compelling and leaves a lot up to the imagination. We do have a little more information from the website that we can tie in here.

The most important being combat. If you go to the official website and scroll down you can see just a few seconds loop of some fighting. My first reaction to seeing this is that the combat looks heavy and methodical. Almost Dark Souls-like in terms of determining when to strike and how to approach each fight. The website describes the combat as “high-impact” which, to me, just means that you will be striking hard. Very hard. The next item on the website, right next to the combat loop, is a section that features the looter slasher description of the game. However, if you look closely you can see more than just a sword (which was the weapon showcased in the trailer). The cool thing about this is that I see a spear, sword and shield, and what looks like a huge hammer in the back. This tells me that we will have various weapon options in the game and wouldn’t have to stick to a certain weapon type. Hopefully, these different weapon types will synergize with certain armor types to make combat much more fun and experimental. 

And there you have it! A sort of personal deep dive on Godfall, the looter slasher hitting the PlayStation 5 this fall. The game looks great and the fact that they are labeling it as looter slasher really says to me that this game could be a Destiny, or Borderlands type game with strictly melee action. I am excited to see more info come out over the year, and hopefully, we can start to get a real idea of what Godfall really is.

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