It’s the armor I tell you

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep has been really fun for me so far. Between the nightmare hunts and the Vex invasions, I have been enjoying my time. Every year Bungie rolls out the spooky decorations and turns off the lights in the Infinite Forest. It’s a time of reflection, random rolls and of course, candy. The Festival of the Lost last year was fine, if not a little lackluster in terms of content and the overall atmosphere of the event. But this event seems a little more spooky and the Haunted Forest is dark, creepy and hectic.

Like last year, you are playing to collect candy and chocolate strange coins to obtain new gear while you parade around in some very interesting masks. This year, the gear to go after is the Braytech Werewolf Auto Rifle, which packs a pretty good punch and doesn’t take all that much to get. You just need to collect all of the masks Eva offers and collect 1,000 pieces of candy (which does not take too long). The gun itself is not too shabby but the best thing going for it is its range, which is just about maxed out. And, after you unlock the auto rifle you can then pay to unlock it with random rolls to really get your money’s worth.

One auto rifle is not all the festival offers. The Eververse has a slew of new cosmetics and vehicles for you to purchase. Plus, a good portion of these new items are actually really cool looking, for example the broom sparrow is really unique in the fact that it literally looks like a broom. It’s not a sparrow covered in some hay or anything like that. It is quite simply a flying broomstick. Pretty cool. Also some of the ghost shells have some cool designs and it lets me know to some degree that the dev team wanted to make the festival more than it was last year..

The Broom Sparrow

To collect all these strange coins and candy you must enter the Haunted Forest. Like last year, the lights have been turned off and chaos ensues. However, this year I have to give it to Bungie, the forest looks a lot more decorated and overall has that scary atmosphere that Halloween demands. Right away I could tell that more love was put into forest changes. Running through the forest, blasting enemies had more of an atmosphere this time around and it really added to the experience. There are more pumpkins, candles, tons of spider webs and more all over the place when you are running through the forest. Sometimes I think to myself that it almost feel like you are running through a haunted house. It is a fun experience to say the least.

Alongside the festival, the moon has its own spooky happenings going on. The Pit of Hereasy dungeon has been unlocked and the Alters of Sorrow event has begun. After completing the dungeon and participating in the Alters of Sorrow, I can definitely say that these two pieces of content are some of the best Destiny 2 has produced. The dungeon is tense, challenging and the boss fight at the end is super fun. The Alters of Sorrow event is chaos on steroids. So much was going at one point that my frame rate was slowing to a crawl. It was a blast and I am looking forward to more stuff like it.

This year’s Festival of the Lost is something I was looking forward to and I’m ecstatic to say it is something I am enjoying. The Haunted Forest is spookier than ever and some of the new gear and cosmetics are really cool and unique. Bungie has been on a pretty decent role lately with Shadowkeep and now with the Festival of the Lost. 

Good job Bungie, you brought the spooky this year.

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