After the big Nintendo E3 blowout, we now know who the second and third fighter pass DLC characters are going to be. The first of these is The Hero, the main character from Dragon Quest 11 — along with other Dragon Quest characters as skins. Banjo-Kazooie, the bear and bird duo from the N64 era, was the second announcement. Although a Dragon Quest character has been leaked for months now, everyone thought it would just be Erdrick from Dragon Quest, not multiple characters from additional Dragon Quest games. And although there were some rumors about Banjo being included, some people just thought it was wishful thinking and that Nintendo wouldn’t be able to secure the rights to a western developers character. With more and more characters that get put into this game, it really feels like some of the reasons that people believe a character can’t get added, are proven wrong. So with that, I think some predictions are in order. In the spirit of all this new information, I thought it would once again be fun to do some predictions about who the last two characters for Smash Bros Ultimate might be.

Travis Touchdown

When Joker got announced as the first DLC fighter, now ex-Nintendo of America president, Reggie said that all DLC characters would be in the same vein as Joker. As in they would be characters from new IP’s, meaning no more characters from the Mario, Fire Emblem, or Legend of Zelda franchise. Enter Travis Touchdown, the self-righteous, anime loving, beam-sword wielding hero from Santa-Destroy. Travis makes perfect sense, and it’s a mystery why he hasn’t already been added to the Smash roster. Travis is from the franchise No More Heroes, originally from the Wii and now an established series, with the newly announced No More Heroes III. His mastery of the beam sword and love of wrestling could lead him to play like a mix of one of the Fire Emblem characters and Incineroar.

Although the No More Heroes games have only been on Nintendo consoles, Suda51 and Grasshopper Studios is not owned by Nintendo and is obviously an IP that has never been in Super Smash Bros. Travis’ inclusion could also be a good way to further market the new No More Heroes game, just like how Marth and Roy’s inclusion helped market Fire Emblem back in the day. It’s a decision that could help both companies and Travis would be a really cool addition to Smash Bros.

Isaac from Golden Sun

This pick seems a bit more improbable since Isaac is already in the game as an assist trophy. Still, think of all the reasons people have said that characters can’t get added to this game, only for  Nintendo to prove them wrong. There are many reasons why this could or could not happen, but let’s remain on the optimistic side.

Although Golden Sun wasn’t the pinnacle of Nintendo’s popular franchises, it had and still has a very dedicated fan-base. Issac was a popular character when it came to the Smash Fighter Ballot that happened a few years ago, and always has a top spot among fan polls. Sakurai and Nintendo have both stated that a lot of their picks have been due to the Smash ballot, so that’s a point in Issacc’s favor. And yes, there has been no word of a new Golden Sun game but there have been a few rumors, copyrights renewed and domain names bought, so not all hope is lost. It’s just another popular Nintendo IP that could be represented in Smash. If there is nothing new when it comes to the Golden Sun franchise, then yeah, I don’t see this happening, but stranger things have happened.

Honorable Mentions

These honorable mentions are for characters who I think have less of a chance of being added to the game, but nonetheless, still a chance. As a pretext as well, a lot of people think that characters like Master Chief or Doom Guy will get added to Smash but I think there is a slim chance of that happening, and I think their move set would be kind of boring.

Leon Kennedy Resident Evil has a very fruitful relationship with Nintendo and there are already so many of these games on the Switch. I’d just hope that if he was added, his moves wouldn’t be too reliant on guns.

A character from ARMS – This could be a really cool addition due to a wild move set. The real question here is on whether or not Nintendo is going to continue making ARMS games or not. So far there is no word on any sort of a sequel.

Crash Bandicoot – Crash makes a lot of sense. He’s a very popular PlayStation-based character — even though he has gone multi-platform, I think people still associate him with PlayStation — and Nintendo could benefit from a better relationship with publisher Activision. I’d love to see him whirl around, maybe throwing wumpa fruits at people.

There we have it ladies and gentlemen. Let us know what you think of this list, down in the comments. And don’t be afraid to point out some counter arguments or predictions of your own! Smash Bros. is a wonderful franchise that is really opening its door to all sorts of characters, so anything is possible. Banjo in Smash baby!!!

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