The Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s Battle System has definitely taken the best of all their franchises and put them into one non-stop, heart pumping, palm sweating fight. With a myriad of franchises to pick and choose their battle systems from, they certainly are spoiled for choice here. Here are the bits and pieces of every battle system we have spotted so far in their gameplay trailer:

1) Final Fantasy’s Active Time Battle (ATB)

This is a classic system that has been a staple of the Final Fantasy series for a long time, making its debut in Final Fantasy IV. There were a few minor changes made to the ATB system, however, as attacks made by characters now fill the ATB, and entering the Tactical Mode will then use it up. By using this option, players get to slow down time in order to make decisions on spells, items or attacks to use, and can choose which targets they wish to use it on as well.

2) Kingdom Hearts’ Skill Shortcuts

Kingdom Hearts managed to make combat feel smooth and silky by installing a magic shortcut with a single button press, allowing players to quickly cast the magic they have customized to their buttons with ease. This has apparently been brought over to the Final Fantasy VII Remake as well, as the developers understand that some players just want combat to be smooth and not stuttery. Allowing players to choose between the two systems would definitely appeal to a wide range of players. However, seeing that there are only four shortcut bindings available, it would severely limit the choices available compared to the Tactical Mode.

3) Final Fantasy Crisis Core/Final Fantasy XV Action RPG Battle system

The action RPG style of fighting gives control to players to attack, parry and dodge attacks like total badasses, making them feel even more in control of the characters they love. This was very reminiscent of the Final Fantasy XV style of battle, where combos are attained with more button presses. Perhaps the ability to chain more attacks in a row will be available with unlocks in some sort of progression tree, where players will have to spend Action Points (AP) in order to do so.

4) Octopath Traveler’s Focus

Final Fantasy VII Remake has definitely “borrowed” the focus gauge’s system from Octopath Traveler. In Octopath Traveler, players have the ability to break their enemies when they hit them with weapons or spells they are weak to, causing enemies to take more damage for the period of time they are stunned. This seems to be similar to the way the Final Fantasy VII Remake has done it, but instead of breaking the enemy, they are staggered.

5) Final Fantasy X’s Character Switch

Sometimes, tactically switching characters can allow for an advantage. In Final Fantasy X, players were able to switch characters in order to cast spells, use items or attack enemies when situations called for it. This has been brought over to the Remake as well, where switching characters in order to hit far enemies through Barret’s Gun Arm or slicing and dicing your way through Cloud’s Buster Sword would make the most tactical sense. They have amped it up as well, allowing multiple characters to unleash their full ATBs at the same time when switching characters while in Tactical Mode.

Looking Forward From The Past

With such a large number of battle systems that Square-Enix has created through the years, it’s no surprise that they have gone back, looked at what would enhance their gameplay, and chosen from the series that have given them so much success. This has given rise to a new and improved way we can play our games, one that lends itself to our immersion into the world and lore that has been painstakingly recreated from a legendary JRPG, and it’s no less than it deserves.

Are there any you think we have left out? What other battle systems would you like incorporated into the Final Fantasy VII Remake battle system? Let us know in the comments below!

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