If you wanted nothing more than to see the beautiful, badass, Ms. Tifa Lockhart during the Square Enix presentation, then you were not disappointed. You could feel the energy and excitement from the crowd when they loudly cheered and screamed as soon as she was revealed. The anticipation was high because we had seen a lot of the big characters like Cloud, Barret, and Aerith, but nothing from fan favorite Tifa– even years after the initial reveal of the game. But after last night, we got our first look at this fiery fist badass.

Tifa has been the center of a lot of debates when it comes to the Final Fantasy VII Remake due mostly to her character design. In the original Final Fantasy VII, Tifa had a very small waist with very large boobs and an outfit that didn’t really make sense. She wore a white tank top with seemingly nothing supporting her breasts, and a skirt with nothing underneath and nothing covering her legs. Some longtime fans were worried that the developers would severely reduce her bust size in some sort of vindictive attempt to censor people with large boobs. Women with this type of body shapes undoubtedly exist, but her outfit desperately needed to be changed to something more realistic.

In this remake, Tifa’s outfit has been given some significant upgrades. Under her signature white tank top, she has been given a black undershirt, and instead of said tank top, it’s much more of a sports bra. She’s also been given shorts under her skirt which makes a lot of sense since she does a lot of kicks that could be exposing a fair bit if she wasn’t wearing shorts. Her skirt has also been redone to make it non-restrictive much like her pencil skirt would have done in the original game. She also wears thigh-high socks because damn, it’s cold out there folks. The cherry on top is the metal guards that have been added to the back of her knuckle guards, which makes a lot of sense considering she blocks with her hands and arms and not a weapon. Not that Tifa isn’t herself, a weapon.

Square Enix did a fantastic job of updating Tifa’s character model but staying true to her original design. A lot of fans are happy, and it’s nice to see video game characters just dressing a bit more realistic. Final Fantasy VII Remake comes out on March 3rd, 2020 on the PS4.

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