Even though it was released back in 2017, people are still constantly talking about Persona 5. After years of waiting for the game to come out, Atlus did not disappoint as fans and critics were in love with the world of Persona 5. Rewind to a couple of months ago and there were many rumours flying around about a possible Switch port or a possible spin-off. But it turns out that the big announcement was for a re-release of the game with a lot of added content.

This new game is called Persona 5 Royal and is adding new things to the base game like new characters, new locations to discover, and a whole new semester to the game for you to play. This is adding a lot of content to a game that is already absolutely massive. My first playthrough of the game took over 100 hours. Persona 5 is not only a very in depth JRPG, but also a slice of life simulator in which you level up life skills, hangout with friends to improve your relationships, go to school, work a part time job and even play video games with your cat. I had never played a Persona game before this one, and now Persona 5 is easily in my in my top 10 games. Not only will I be buying Persona 5 Royale when it comes out,  but I encourage you to buy it also if you have never played.

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Royale is the perfect excuse to sink your teeth into this game. If you use length as a way to gauge the worth of a game, it doesn’t matter if this game is 40$, 60$, or 80$, it will be worth it. Even just the base game, with new game plus, could easily be over 200 hours. But Royale is adding even more to this game. Since Persona 5’s gameplay is based around a calendar system where you have limited things you can do in one day, having more time means you can do a lot more in one playthrough. But like I previously said, Royale is going to be adding a whole new semester to the game (which makes sense since you play as a high school student). We don’t know exactly how long this added semester could be, but a typical school semester is multiple months long, meaning this has EVEN MORE time we get to spend with this game. 50 more hours?! Who needs to have free time when I can dedicate all my time to Persona 5.

If you haven’t played Persona 5 yet, and you’re waiting for the new edition, I don’t blame you. If you don’t know much about Persona 5, or you don’t know much about the game, don’t just take my word for it, check out the game for yourself. Hell, if you don’t want to wait for the new Royale edition, the base game can be found for very cheap. Although we don’t know an exact date, Persona 5 Royale is set to come out during 2020. Hopefully during the first half.

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