Day: 10 June 2019

Why George RR Martin’s Involvement Is So Important To Elden Ring

When the first information came out that George R. R. Martin (the creator of A Song Of Ice And Fire and Game of Thrones) would be working on a new game with FromSoftware, the creators of popular games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, people were ecstatic. FromSoftware is known for making hard games with steep […]

Persona 5 Royale Is The Perfect Reason To get Into Persona

Even though it was released back in 2017, people are still constantly talking about Persona 5. After years of waiting for the game to come out, Atlus did not disappoint as fans and critics were in love with the world of Persona 5. Rewind to a couple of months ago and there were many rumours […]

Why The Borderlands 3 Marketing Campaign Is Genius

Since Borderlands 3 was announced, it seems like the series has been on everyone’s mind. This is due to Gearboxes’ absolutely flawless marketing of the series. Starting with when Borderlands 3 was first announced, they showed a good mix of cinematics and gameplay. With games like Borderlands 3, where people have known that it has […]

Doom Eternal: The Biggest Bomb Dropped at #BE3

Doom Eternal was definitely the highlight of Bethesda’s showcase at E3 2019. The gameplay looks downright amazing, but it wasn’t such a standout title based on its looks alone: Doom Eternal stood out from the crowd so much because most of the crowd was pretty mediocre, not necessary a full-blown disappointment but lackluster here and […]

Devolver Digital Shows Up to E3 in a Big Way

Devolver Digital, in the past, has never been a publisher that I paid much attention to. Sure they publish some awesome titles but I never thought much of the actual team themselves. E3 has shined a whole new light on them for me personally. With their grotesque but witty theatrics, they have created an experience […]