The Final Splatfest Is Upon Us

When the Splatoon 2 World Championship ended, Producer Hisashi Nogami took to the stage to congratulate the winners. After a brief speech, Nogami announced the upcoming final Splatfest to hit Splatoon 2. But could a tease for Splatoon 3 be lurking in it?

While the aptly-named “Splatocalypse” will be the final Splatfest, and patch 5.0 the final update to the game, Nogami stressed that the online will be supported for a while to come. In fact, Nintendo always stated that the game would see support and updates for two years following release. And while I’m sure the Splatfest will be tons of fun, it does signal Nintendo’s plans for the future.

When the original Splatoon ended its online run, Nintendo decided to end it with a bang. That Splatfest pitted the squid-idols Callie and Marie against each other. The result of the Splatfest had repercussions on the lore of Splatoon 2. When Team Marie took the victory, it made it so that, in the lore, Callie was abducted by Octolings and made into a villain. The story mode of Splatoon 2 deals with the fallout of that decision.

So now that Nintendo announced this final Splatfest of Order vs Chaos, I can’t help but wonder if we’re seeing the same deal here. In fact, during the announcement Nogami said the following:

“And so I ask you all: what sort of a world would you wish for the Inklings and their friends?”

So what sort of a world will we see? Perhaps the world of the Splatlings will usher in a utopia if you choose Order. For those with a more Chaotic alignment, perhaps your choice can send the world of Splatoon spiraling into anarchy. Either way, these choices might take form in a new entry in the series and Nintendo might be slyfully teasing Splatoon 3 right now. This is all speculation for now and only time will tell. You can watch the trailer for the final Splatfest here:

When you log into Splatoon 2 see the choice of either Order or Chaos, choose well. Your decision might have a lasting impact on the world of Splatoon. For now, why not check out what makes the Splatoon 2 community so special?

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