Here at Parallax Media, we are always keeping an eye out for the next big thing when it comes to games. That means scouring the various crowdfunding sites out there (Kickstarter, Fig, etc.) to see what inspiring developers are bringing to the table! Let’s take a look at some of our hot picks for May 2019:

MidKnight Story

Remember the classic Fable series? We sure do! And this game is giving off some serious Fable vibes. Run, jump, swim and even glide using your helicopter sword (yes, you read that correctly) in this 3D action-adventure RPG set in a steampunk open world environment. Use your mechanical shapeshifting sword and pistol to defeat the robotic enemies in your way. In a world where humans now live confined to small villages, you will venture into the forgotten lands after discovering your mysterious sword. Planned to release for PC and PS4 as a stretch goal if they can make it, this campaign sure needs your help if appealing to you, because it only has about 2 days left with a little under $2,000 to go. Be sure to check their campaign here.

Price to Receive Game: $22


Looking for something more linear and puzzle based? We got you with the next one. How about a story where you are an isolated astronaut with only a small helper drone on Saturn’s moon? In Afterlight you will experience a 2.5D adventure attempting to open communication lines and return home safely. Jump, climb and use your wits to venture through this unfamiliar world. Get ready for a story of trauma based on being isolated on a planet but also a deeper meaning in relation to overcoming psychological traumas and dealing with personal relations. There seems to be much more to uncover as the full story revolves around a faulty AI attacking your crew so who knows what troubles you might have to face. The main platform they plan to release for is Steam (PC) but they do have PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch as stretch goals if they can raise enough funding. Be sure to check their campaign here.

Price to Receive Game: $15

Rolled Out!

I never got on the Super Monkey Ball hype train back in the day but there are many fans as demonstrated with this next campaign. Rolled Out! is described as a love letter to the Monkey Ball series and was made solely as a project because Brandon Johnson decided that there should be a better way to create new levels and content like it. At its core, this game seems to offer the same with pre designed levels but will also offer editor tools so that fans can also create levels for years to come! This campaign still has 40+ days left and is almost 200% backed so they are looking good! That being said, I’m sure there are many who would still want to jump on this campaign to make it even better or maybe even for the limited items that come with the backing tiers such as posters, in game cosmetics, or a unique in game title. Be sure to check their campaign here.

Price to Receive Game: $10

Vagrus – The Riven Realms

For those who are familiar with crowdfunding sites, generally you have a goal that is posted and if met the project will be funded., however is doing things a little differently with their new Open Access Beta program where instead games are funded based on a milestone process. One of their first campaigns on this program is Vagrus, a game revolving around narration, exploration and turn-based, role-playing action. Lead a crew on a “perilous” journey where you must explore, scavenge and battle your way through a dark and frightening environment. This does not seem like your “baby’s first RPG” style of game. I can imagine this being a tough time for those who don’t plan properly as you will have to manage your crew, decide who goes out to scope the areas before traveling to know what troubles are in the area. With a large amount of interactive narratives where choices matter and combat at every turn, this looks like it’s a great pick up if this gameplay style suits you. Plus, since this is part of Fig’s Beta program, funding this campaign will get you instant access to the beta builds of the game so you can experience it right away and help shape the product itself. Check their campaign here.

Price to Receive Game: $28

Let us know what you think in the comments section. Are any of these titles something you would consider?

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