Now that I have my first year of writing about video games under my belt, I’ve gotten into the same routine of how I get my writing done. This routine almost always includes listening to video game soundtracks as I write. These are either some of my favourites, or the soundtrack of whatever game I’m writing about. There are many aspects that go into making a new game, but I think many of us can agree that the icing on the cake is a beautiful soundtrack. I thought it would be fun to share with you guys the games soundtracks that have some really good songs and melodies. Whether it’s for writing, studying, relaxing, or just enjoying some good old music, I hope some of this music can help you get into the mood for whatever you need to do in life.

Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

God damn, the music from this game is on an entirely different level. Just like each chapter from the game, the entire soundtrack is incredibly varied. I can honestly say that some of the music from this game is unlike any other game I have played. Some tracks are wacky, weird and downright strange, while others have such a calming melody, that I listen to them everytime I’m writing an article just like this one (I’m listening to the soundtrack now). I’m going to list some of the games best soundtracks, but just know that for all of these soundtracks I list, I think the entire thing is a work of art.

Hall of the Thousand Year Door

This is the one piece of music from Paper Mario that I listen to whenever I need to think. It has some really great low beats that really set the mood if you have non harsh lighting in your bedroom. Setting the mood for relaxing I mean, not for… other things. I think this track really incorporates a sense of wonder and mystery into it (just like the mystery in the actual game of what’s behind the thousand year door), which is why I think it’s great for thinking. I can’t exactly explain what that sounds like, so you’re just going to have to listen to the track.

The Boggly Woods

I feel like this track is a really good one to listen to during the winter months while the snow is falling. I know I’m not great at explaining things like melody and composition, but this track has some really get chimes in it that always takes my mind off of things, or to another place entirely. Chapter 2 of this game is also set in the forested landscape of the Boggly Woods, so this little tune always remind me of nature. A very good track to just relax or even fall asleep to.

Twilight Town/ Twilight Trail

What does a town with a curse upon it that turns people into pigs every time the church bell rings bring to this list? Well it has some pretty damn good music. Twilight Town is a depressing place, shown by the attitude of the townspeople, the use of black and orange for most of the chapter, and the music just tops it all off. The tempo is very slow and distraught, which sounds like it might make you sad or put you in a bad mood, but personally is always relaxes me or gets me in the mood to write. This chapter of the game is honestly one of the darkest stories in a Mario game and the music really reflects it. Plus these tracks always remind me of Halloween and I love the spooky season.

Rougeport Sewers

While you play Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, you spend a lot of time roaming around the Rougeport Sewers. Thankfully, you have a nice little catchy tune to keep you company while you explore and do battle. This track is an odd one because instead of putting me in a mood, I really just use it as background music. It’s something to listen to that makes sure there’s something better than silence in the room. I also know a lot of YouTubers who use this track during some of their discussion videos. I’m sure if you give it a listen, you’ll probably recognize it from somewhere.

The Legend Of Zelda Series

The Main Title Theme, Ocarina of Time

A lot of Zelda fans’ very first experience of the series was while booting up the game, and hearing this song play over the video that explored a bit of Hyrule. It hits the perfect balance of calming and wonder with its piano (and what I’m also guessing to be a flute) that really does just take your mind away (and usually to Hyrule). I find this song, out of all of them on the list, usually provides the most escapism. By saying that, it should prove just how good this track is, because I didn’t play Zelda as a kid so I don’t really have any nostalgia towards it! If you’ve had a hard day, or maybe just don’t have the best home life, I recommend this song to just let your thoughts melt away so that you don’t have to think for just a little bit.

Astral Observatory, Majora’s Mask

This is honestly a track that I didn’t fall in love with at first, I even kinda didn’t like it. But after some time and many listens, it’s really grown on me. The song obviously a has a space theme to it, and I know a lot of people vibe to that, so this may be a great track for you if that’s your kind of thing. Whatever lets you veg out my dudes!

Great Fairy’s Fountain, Ocarina of Time

The harp from this track could very easily put me to sleep, plus it has a really cool remix in Scott Pilgrim VS The World! This song sounds a lot like the main theme track that I mentioned earlier, and I’m now realizing that I could put 100 tracks from the Legend of Zelda on this list. Just do yourself a favour and listen to this sweet, sweet melody!

Courage, Twilight Princess

This track really embodies the name it was given, because whenever I listen to it I feel like I’m filled with courage. If you ever need motivation, or feel like you’ve really hit a stride while you’re writing or getting work done, then this is a great song to listen to. The Legend of Zelda really does have some of the best music in gaming.

Stardew Valley

Instead of listing individual tracks from the game, I’m just going to go the easy route and say that pretty much all this game’s soundtrack is meant to be relaxing. Stardew Valley is a weird enigma, just like most farming simulators, because the whole point of the game is to do everyday kind of chores. To be fair to the masterpiece that is this game however, Stardew Valley is much more than just a farming simulator. Another one of the Game Savvy writers even said that the game is one of the best anti-stress games on the market. I think Stardew Valley is such a calming game for two reasons. One being that it is very much a life simulator as well as a farming one, and that you can find success in it much faster than in real life (plus just farming in general is quite the peaceful occupation), and second of all, the music. Fall is my favourite season of the year and I always play Stardew Valley in the fall because the music just always puts me in the right mood and relaxes me. If life ever gets way too crazy for you, just play this game because it’s the ultimate form of escapism and the music is just beautiful.



The thing with the Skyrim soundtrack is that the songs all kind of blend together so I think I’m going to have a difficult time explain how each of them is different. If there is one thing they share though, is that they will all make you want to play Skyrim. The song Awake is no different. I think the thing that is so relaxing about Skyrim (even though it definitely has some very tense situations), is that just walking around in the world, looking up at the night sky and listening to the soundtrack that plays in the background is so very atmospheric and is just really great background noise.

Wind Guide You

This song honestly sounds like it could also be in Game of Thrones. The sweet melody of the violin really sets the mood of the entire piece. I think the thing that really sets the Skyrim original soundtrack apart from all the rest, is the choir type vocals that were clearly done by professionals. It’s like listening to hours of music that should also be in The Lord of the Rings but while playing one of the greatest video games of all time.

There are honestly many, many more tracks I could add under Skyrim but they are honestly all very relaxing. I’d be writing about well over 50 songs and it would just get repetitive!

Animal Crossing

2 AM – Animal Crossing New Leaf

I honestly haven’t played a lot of the Animal Crossing franchise in my time as a gamer, but I can see why people really enjoy it. My favourite part of it is the music because everything about this game is meant to be chill and easy-going, and the music really reflects that. The 2 AM soundtrack is probably the song I listen to most when I write because it puts me in the best headspace, especially since I do a lot of writing in the middle of the night, so 2 AM really does make the most sense. I think my favourite part of this track is the whistling and the sound of wood being hit in the background. It reminds me of the days where I would walk around my hometown in the middle of the night with my friends and just talk about life and how hopeful we were for the future!

1 AM – Animal Crossing New Leaf

The funny thing about Animal Crossing is that the soundtrack is divided into hours, and that each hour kinda encompasses itself. Like I listen to this 1 AM soundtrack and I’m like “yea, this IS what 1 AM sounds like”. Like the songs always sound like what I feel like at that time of day or night, which is think is really cool. The fact that Animal Crossing can turn an unexplainable feeling into an actual song is another thing entirely. You listen to this song and try and tell me that it doesn’t sound like 1 AM. I’m not crazy, I swear.

2 AM – Animal Crossing City Folk

This little piano melody mixed with a subtle shaker is kind of sad. Why is that good to relax you might ask? In my opinion, sometimes sadness can be kind of good. I know this sounds weird, but do you ever feel sad, but kind of content at the same time? Not that you deserve to be sad, but like it’s okay that you’re sad, and you know that things will get better, but for the time being, you’re just sad. I know that this all sounds really strange, but I’m just trying to convey how I feel sometimes when I listen to this music. Nevertheless, I do find it quite relaxing and comforting, which earns it a spot on this list.

I really hope that this list helps people find new music that gets them in the mood to either write, relax, or sleep. I listen to all of these, and many more whenever I come home from a long day or work or whenever I have an article that needs to be written! If you have any soundtracks that help you relax, please let me know down in the comments. I’m always looking for new music and I bet a lot of other people are too.

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