Nintendo and Game Freak have recently announced the eighth generation of Pokémon with Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019 — probably November, as is par for the course for Pokémon titles — and in the trailer the three new starters available in the Galar region were also revealed. These new starter Pokémon include the grass type monkey, Grookey, the water type lizard, Sobble, and last but definitely not least, the fire type rabbit, Scorbunny. While it is unknown what secondary types these starters will gain once they evolve, if they gain one at all, many are worried Scorbunny will become yet another fire and fighting type similar to its fully evolved predecessors: Blaziken, Infernape, and Emboar. In the sixth generation, the Fire and Psychic Pokémon, Delphox, broke this trend, while in the seventh generation Incineroar was Fire and Dark, despite being a wrestler. Since Shigeru Ohmori is once again the director — who previously directed both Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire as well as Pokémon Sun and Moon — it may be reasonable to expect Scorbunny to not become fighting type, becoming something else instead, several possibilities of which have been listed below.


Pure Fire

A pure fire starter that stays that way hasn’t been seen since the second generation games, Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, with the excellent Cyndaquil line. If this were true, this could mean that the other new starters would be only one type as well, as the other starters in the second generation were. Of course, some might find it more boring than dual type starters, but it’s still a better alternative than another Fire/Fighting combination.


There have been some rumors going around the internet either claiming or predicting Scorbunny may become a Fire and Electric type. While this post has not yet been confirmed, since we see Scorbunny quickly and stylishly running across the environment in the reveal trailer, there may be a chance this is true. This would also be the first Fire/Electric type Pokémon that isn’t just an alternate form, with the first Pokémon to have that type combination being Heat Rotom, the oven ghost.

There has been a rumor going around that Scorbunny evolves into something which looks like it’s based off of a soccer player, and with the brief glimpse we get of the sports stadium in the trailer, that may be more than likely. The official website states Scorbunny “is always running about, bursting with energy.” Further increasing the likelihood that Scorbunny will either keep its pure fire typing or gain an electric type.


Fire/Fairy or Fire/Flying

If there is a more mythical tone to the evolutions of the starters, then Scorbunny evolving into a Jackalope — a mythical rabbit with antlers — or a Wolpertinger — somewhat similar to a Jackalope but with the addition of wings — may be likely. It’s hard to decide whether it would be Fire/Flying or Fire/Fairy. While we have seen the Fire and Flying combination a handful of times, we haven’t seen a starter have that combination since the ever popular first generation starter, Charizard. On the other hand, a Fire and Fairy dual type has never happened before and we got our first starter to become a Fairy type once evolved with Primarina in Pokémon Sun and Moon, so it’s definitely a combination that can’t be ruled out yet.


While in the sixth generation, there was already a pair of ground type rabbits with Bunnelby and evolved form Diggersby, the only previous Pokémon with the Fire and Ground type combination are Numel and Camerupt from the third generation. Two previous starter Pokémon also gained a ground type, water type Pokémon Swampert in the third generation and grass type Torterra in the fourth generation. While Gamefreak is no stranger to repeating itself when it comes to type combinations and animals — be it reptiles, amphibians, or monkeys — this combination does feel less exciting than those previously mentioned, even if only two Pokémon of the same evolutionary line had it previously.

Of course there are plenty of other possible secondary types Scorbunny could gain, as these are just a select few of them. If it does become another disappointing Fire and Fighting fully evolved starter, the only redeeming feature I would hope for is that it looks like King Kazma from Summer Wars but on fire — although it could still look like that without being a fighting type. I would also love for it to have a pair of Gurren Lagann sunglasses and for the fire around it to look like a cape, but maybe that’s hoping for too much.

What do you think? Do you think we’ll end up with a repeat of a previous Fire type starter Pokémon or something new? And what else do you think Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield will have to offer? All I know is that if the rumors of Scorbunny’s final evolution being Fire and Electric are true, I will name mine Bunny Allen, because it will be the fastest bunny alive.

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