The future is upon us. No, I’m not talking about robots taking over the world (although let’s be real, it’s getting close and Elon Musk will have to save us). I am talking about the next wave of gaming consoles is just around the corner. Today, headlines were reading that first party studios are gearing up for PS5 and that dev kits are shipping out to developers. Daniel Ahmed, an analyst for Niko Partners stated the following in a forum thread (found this over at PlayStation Lifestyle).

“In general, most of the focus for Sony 1P is on PS5 right now.”

To some, this is good news. To others, it is a bit sad. Saying goodbye to your previous console is tougher than some think. For me, it is a bit of both.


My PlayStation 4 has given me memories that I will never forget. From beating the Vault of Glass for the first time in Destiny to playing games like The Last of Us and Journey. It has been the sole vessel in which to get lost in my escapism. Long day at work? Let’s kill some aliens! Mourning a loss of a family member? I’ll jump in with the squad and we’ll hunt down some baddies and forget the world! The PlayStation 4 has been with me during a lot in my life and saying goodbye to it seems kind of bewildering. But not impossible. Like anything else, it has to come to an end. And for me, it may be at the perfect time to go to something new.

Nowadays you won’t see me gaming for more than say one or two hours at a time on any given night. Growing up is great but life definitely gets in the way of my gaming and that is okay (check out my aging gamer column about this sort of thing). I don’t have a lot going for my PS4 at the moment. I still enjoy hopping in FIFA 19 and playing a few matches every now and then. Occasionally I’ll jump over to something else, which right now is Kingdom Two Crowns (a really fun strategy game, I definitely recommend it) and play for a bit. Other than that, I am really only waiting on Anthem to drop in February so I can get lost in that world. Past Anthem, there is nothing that I am looking forward to that is releasing in the near future. It really got me thinking about what’s next and is there anything to look forward to now?

Cue the PS5 headlines. I’ll be honest, my initial thought was “oh man I don’t think I am ready to upgrade yet and ditch my PS4”. But then I got to thinking, that maybe, I am. Maybe a new machine and a fresh start will kind of act as a catalyst for me to get back into gaming more. I’ll admit when I got my PS4 I was playing it non-stop (even though the library was scarce at launch). I think some new hardware accompanied by some new, innovative titles would be a good thing for me. I am excited to see how the technology evolves and how that evolution transitions into new ways to enjoy my games. The future can be scary sometimes, and sometimes you may not be ready for it. But for me, I think I’m almost there.

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