Apparently, players are being kicked from Anthem demo servers as the number of people trying to log in and try the game for the first time surge.

Today, the 25th of January is the launch of the Anthem VIP demo and is slated to be open until the 27th of January.

With many players eager to try out the much-hyped game, the servers from Bioware and EA have apparently not enough space to accommodate every login, to the point where they even have to kick those who have already started, out.

Our very own Jason Courtar has been trying to log in for half an hour, without much success. He also reports that servers were at max capacity not even within 5 minutes of the VIP demo being live.

EA’s own site that tracks game servers is noting that all servers are up, with no issues to report at the time of writing.

A cursory glance at twitter shows how common this has become and even Polygon has begun reporting on this.

Hopefully, EA and Bioware will be able to sort this out soon. We will update if any changes occur.

Update (01/25/2019 – 10:57 am PST):

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