It’s that time again folks! Time to shine the spotlight on this week’s indie game. Do you like tabletop games? Do you like games with Roguelike elements and turn-based combat? What about something you can play with friends? Then you might want to check out For the King by the IronOak Games team. I have played this game on and off while it was in early access, but it has been officially released since April 2018 and I can say with confidence that the game has only gotten better and better.

The game currently has five modes with the original adventure mode involving a quest of avenging your recently murdered king (hence the name of the game). You have three members in your party who each have individual turns to perform actions across the map. Each character can be played by an individual person online or if none of your friends like awesome games, you can always control all three yourself. The map looks very similar to a board game, where you will find shops, shrines, monsters and much more random events throughout each play. Every turn will have randomly generated maps with various events that will appear containing both good or bad results.

The main goal is to travel across the map, completing quests to power up your party and avenge your king. This seems simple enough but the game adds a lot of additional factors with random spawning enemies to block your path, curses that appear if you don’t defeat a boss in time, or negative environmental effects. All five modes have the same basic mechanics but add various new elements such as having the characters stuck in a frozen wasteland or being out on the open sea fighting deadly sea monsters.

With a ton of RNG, 11 characters to choose from, and 5 very different game modes, you will have hours of fun. You even collect an in-game currency called “Lore” which will allow you to obtain new events or items that appear in your subsequent playthroughs to add even more content. And, once you get through your first successful run, you will have two additional difficulty levels to give the game that extra challenge for those who dare!

You can pick up For the King on Steam for PC, Mac or Linux. Good luck adventures!

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