Fans that have been waiting for The Last Remnant to come to Sony hardware won’t have to wait much longer as Square Enix has announced a remastered version of the game for the PlayStation 4. The Last Remnant was an Xbox 360 console exclusive when it first released back in 2008 — one of few Japanese RPGs released on the console.

Square Enix released an announcement teaser which you can watch below, showing the game and its $20 price tag on the PlayStation Store.

The Last Remnant Remastered will be released on PlayStation 4 on December 6 of this year, right in time for its 10th anniversary. The game will not have any new content added, keeping the game the same as it was when it released on the Xbox 360.

Writer’s Opinion:

I remember when The Last Remnant first released. At the time it was rare for a Japanese RPG to be released exclusively on an Xbox platform. There were a lot of high hopes that the game along with titles like Blue Dragon would help bring more Japanese RPGs to the console and to help the console’s sales in Japan. It’s great to hear that PlayStation users will finally get to experience the game this year. I am surprised that Square Enix didn’t announce it for Xbox One though since it was originally for an Xbox console.

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