Have you ever been interested in game development but just didn’t have the tools or know how to get started? You may be in luck. E-Line Media, creator of BAFTA award-winning Never Alone, is on the road to help bridge the gap between player and developer with their new title, Endless Mission.

Endless Mission is a game that lets the player make the game, similar to games like RPG Maker and Project Spark, and there is a beta dropping this September. The beta “will empower players to play, mashup, modify, create, and share their own games across an ever-expanding range of genres – Platformer, Racing, and RTS will initially be available in the beta.”

“E-Line Media has set out to empower players to express themselves by giving them the ability to play, mashup, modify, create, and share their own games and experiences.”

Endless Mission will include an entire set of “Unity-driven game development tools” so players can truly create their ideal experience in an “easy-to-navigate framework”. Taking this route and utilizing a Unity style presentation seems like a genuine way to have people see if they would be really interested in game development. It may not be the actual Unity framework, but a watered-down, simple version will at least give players an idea of what to expect.

The Endless Mission beta arrives in September with the game going into early access at the end of 2018. The beta will also include games created by the community from PAX West.

Writer’s opinion:

These types of “make your own game” ideas can always be a hit or miss. The fact the game is presented with the Unity style frontend is pretty impressive. I think E-Line Media is going in the right direction, in terms of giving people a real taste of game development and the whole process involved with that. We don’t yet know how powerful the tools are and that plays a big factor in how much the player can do. The good news is we will see soon enough what all is available to the player and just how much the game lets you create. But for anyone looking to get their feet wet in game development, this may be the game for you.

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