Capcom has announced two distinct versions for its upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake in Japan.

Announced at E3 2018, Resident Evil 2, which in its original incarnation released in 1998, is getting remade for the current generation of consoles.

Earlier this week, Capcom released new details on the game showing a separate version that will be released alongside the standard version.

Resident Evil 2 Remake’s “Z Version” offers players a more gruesome edition of the game. In Japan, the standard version will be getting a rating intended for seventeen years or older, while the Z Version ups it to eighteen and older.

As for how much gore the Z Version offers, gameplay shown since the announcement shows an extensive difference to the extra blood and violence compared to the more toned down standard version. Headshots are more in-depth with realistic bullet wounds as well as the rest of the body showing open flesh while bleeding out intensively.

As for the West, we may not see two separate versions of the game. In Japan, Resident Evil 7 was heavily toned down compared to the version we got in the States. The most notable difference is seen when the main protagonist loses his hand to a chainsaw. Instead of the severed hand being covered in blood, the Japanese version has it leaking with black ooze.

The gameplay below shows just how detailed this gory version will be. The game seems to be highly concentrated on giving a realistic view on how gunshots would inflict damage on the human body — making Capcom seem to be headed toward the more practical route from gamer’s ongoing request for more accuracy.

Also announced this week is a Japan-exclusive “Typewriter Edition” which will cost fans around $900 to own.

Capcom has partnered up with keyboard manufacturer QwerkyToys to release a Bluetooth-enabled typewriter, resembling those used to save data in older Resident Evil titles. The keyboard will have the Umbrella Corporation and Lexington logos stamped on for the extra look of authenticity.

Also coming with the bundle is a Leon Kennedy figure and police tape along with other collectibles to add to your collection.

Writer’s Opinion:

As for the Z Version, I am quite dumbfounded by the choice of two separate version to choose from. Understandably, Japan’s standards are quite different when it comes to gore and violence in video games, but a simple on and off option seems more ideal. The overall detail of the graphics itself has caught my full attention so I can’t wait to see how it looks once released. The Typewriter Edition though, I am having trouble reasoning with the price tag that is being offered. It will cost collectors a hefty amount of cash if they are looking to get the complete collection for the Resident Evil 2 Remake. I like what they are trying to do but maybe a less expensive price could have been in sight. Either way, Resident Evil 2’s remake looks great so far and I like the route they have taken with it. Instead of cloning the original, Capcom is revamping the gameplay while ultimately following the same story.

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