Day: August 14, 2018

So Why are Spyro The Dragon 2 and 3 Downloadable?

It won’t take long before Spyro the Dragon will be refreshed on the main generation of consoles. With a remaster of the original (and best) games in the series, he will once again compete with a rival that received the same treatment last year: Crash Bandicoot. While Spyro might have a massive fanbase, recent news […]

Resident Evil 2 Remake Will Be Getting an Extra Gory Version

Capcom has announced two distinct versions for its upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake in Japan. Announced at E3 2018, Resident Evil 2, which in its original incarnation released in 1998, is getting remade for the current generation of consoles. Earlier this week, Capcom released new details on the game showing a separate version that will […]