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Dear Hello Games,

Thank you. Thank you for sticking with it. For not abandoning that which you created. For not taking the easy way out, when your backs were against the wall. For taking the time to give us what we all wanted.

In the beginning, I was one of the many that fell victim to the hype. I’m a huge fan of anything to do with space and what lies outside this planet. It fascinates me that there may be something beyond what we can see or understand. Some of my favorite films have been centered around the vast unknown. Movies like Interstellar, The Martian, and Guardians of the Galaxy all use the environment of the universe to tell a story. This playground is so captivating to me for mainly two reasons. That space can be both beautiful and terrifying, in the sense that we don’t know what’s out there.

For me having the perfect space game, where I am in control of what I want to do, has been a struggle to find. I want to be able to fly to a planet, live on that planet, uncover its mysteries, locate exotic wildlife, and then leave to explore something else. No limits. I want to have the universe laid out in front of me, and then be given the ability to explore every section of it.

And then there was No Man’s Sky.

The hype was real. I was sold. After watching the initial trailer and hearing Sean Murray talk about it, I was convinced this was going to be the game for me. A procedurally generated universe where I’m the pilot? Sign me up. Leading up to launch, I was excited beyond belief. I tried to take the whole day off just to sink my teeth into the game. I remember downloading it overnight, then rushing home for my lunch break to play for an hour.

However, that excitement quickly faded. My first few hours were decent, and I enjoyed what I played, but for some reason, I quickly lost interest. It got to a point where I didn’t want to play anymore and I couldn’t pinpoint why. It just didn’t pull me in.

While I was overcome with excitement, I did had my reservations about the game. The sole reason being that it was being developed by a smaller indie studio kept my excitement in check. The fact that you guys even attempted to pull this off has to be commendable to some degree. I knew I wasn’t going to get a masterpiece when I got the game. What I got was something that I enjoyed for the time I played it. I was disappointed, sure, but not screaming in anger. The whole situation was very interesting, and after I put the game down I thought I would never pick it up again.

But now? Now everything has changed.

You guys did what many thought was impossible. You continued to work and to prove to everyone that yes, you could do it.

The NEXT update has revitalized No Man’s Sky in just about every way.

From base building, multiplayer, third-person view, visual updates, and gameplay changes you guys have really given us the game you promised two years ago. Every time I load in I get this little burst of excitement, knowing I’m going to see something wild, or my friend and I will get ourselves into some trouble while gallivanting across the galaxy.

I cannot begin to express the joy of exploring the universe with a friend. It just adds a whole new dimension to the game. Something that was definitely missing from the base game. At times we’ll scour a planet looking for rare resources, or we’ll simply try to discover weird and exotic creatures. And we have seen some really crazy stuff so far. Also, base building is something that really motivates me to go out and explore to find resources. I’m always looking to upgrade my house or searching for materials to build that one new thing.

No Man’s Sky has simply evolved into something that I can’t put down. It’s something that I have wanted for a long time. It’s something that has instilled in me a new sense of wonder and joy about what lies beyond our reach. Although not perfect, Hello Games has proven that with a little hard work, anything is possible.

So again, thank you.



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