Destiny 2 has been a rollercoaster for me since it’s release back in September. There have been a lot of angry, disappointing moments in regards to game design and content. Since the beginning, the Bungie team promised to create a sense of community in the game. Steve Dolan, Senior Designer at Bungie, said in a video discussing Guided Games that they wanted to

“weave a sense of community throughout the entire game”.

They wanted to do this through a new feature called Guided Games.

For players that never touched it, Guided Games allows groups of players to find one or two more players and vice versa. You can use the guided Games feature for the Nightfall and the Raid. My Destiny 2 comrade, Ydocvader, and I have used the feature before when doing the Nightfall to fill up that third spot. I have to say that so far the players we have gotten have been decent. Sometimes we would be paired with players that seemed lost and died every sixty seconds. Other times we would get godsends that would melt anything in their paths. So it was a mixed bag.

The Guided Games for the Raid is a different experience. Wait times for Seekers, players looking for a group, can be as long as thirty minutes. It was a grind just trying to find someone to play with. My friend and I waited about twenty minutes before we got matched with a group, and I have to say pretty fun time.

The group we got knew what they were doing, and were a fun, chill group of players. It was definitely not what I was expecting. I was thinking we would get this group of try-hards that would kick us for messing up once. Granted my friend and me are not poop when it comes to actually play the game, so it was a really nice fit. They would crack jokes with us and actually made more fun of each dying while we were playing. IT turned out to be a really nice time. It was also really nice because the group took the lead and we followed.

Back when we started playing Destiny 2, and had friends, during the raid my friend and I were carrying more of the weight here and there and it made it more stressful. This time around we just sat back and did what we were told. It was fun, relaxing and a very fun way to go through the raid. And on the plus side, we did the whole thing in about an hour, whereas in the beginning, it would take us multiple sittings to do it. Trying to get everyone on multiple nights was almost impossible. Then we would try to find new people and it was just a mess. With the Guided Games, we waited for a group, got with our group then ran straight through the raid, no problem.

If you don’t have any friends and can wait around for twenty minutes to do the raid, I say definitely give the Guided Games a go. It may be a hit or miss with who you get matched with, but if you get that one group, you can fly through the raid. And have a good time doing it.

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